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Upcycling means using discarded or vintage pieces of clothing and transforming them into something better. Despite lacking a unified name - Blackstrawberry call it’s style a refashioned fashion, it’s a fashion genre that’s creeping into the mainstream. British Vogue calls it the “new interpretation in recycled fashion”, though in many ways it’s been around since we began to think about fashion.


New life in old mind

In a world still churning out trendy throw-away fashion pieces at breakneck speed, the idea of upcycled or refashioned apparel can be an anomaly. But it is a continuously growing trend and is one of the most sustainable things people can do in fashion. As upcycling makes use of already existing pieces, it often uses few resources in its creation and actually keeps ‘unwanted’ items out of the waste stream. The idea of mixing a different fashion pieces together into a single item is also the core of Blackstrawberry's design thinking.


Remaking old clothes to fit changing fashions was at one time a tailor’s bread and butter; today, the provenance of both a growing field of concern about the waste involved in the fashion industry and a legion of dedicated DIYers who are finding inspiration online to breathe new life into old clothes.


Mixing old and new

Partly responsible for bringing attention to the current movement for refashioning clothing, Blackstrawberry simply wants the collection to give new life to worn-out jeans and tattered T-shirts.


Recycling clothing can be a costly business because of all the customization involved. While conventional fashion houses can set up assembly line style processes because of the uniformity of virgin fabrics, redesigners are forced to go through more steps.



Blackstrawberry is doing it

While Blackstrawberry would love to see the refashioning movement go mainstream, she recognizes that it’s unlikely everyone will pick up a needle and thread. “In today’s world people are busier and crafts such as sewing and knitting aren’t widely taught like they used to be.  It’s too easy for people to hand over their cash/credit cards and have that quick fix shopping trip on the weekend after their busy week of work.”


The new collection can be a part of this revolution -- helping people make meaningful choices with their clothing while appreciating the history of the industry.

重塑, 再生, 還原時尚

把時裝循環再生是指將一些過氣的衣物轉化成更有價值的物品。 Blackstrawberry 的最新系列稱之為重塑時尚, 是一股時裝新勢力。 英國 Vogue雜誌形容這種風格為" 環保時裝新風貌",是從新概念裡衍生出來的。



雖然在這年代服裝變得棄不足惜, 重塑時尚理應是逆勢, 不過反而得到大力支持, 是大家喜愛時尚者的唯一反擊之路。Up-cycling 利用新手法把舊衣物從廢物堆中解放, 並讓它重新進佔窗櫥的一角。Blackstrawberry 以此為創作靈感, 把幾種各異的設計原素集於一身, 結集成趣味十足的全新款式。


本來裁縫師的魔法能夠把舊衣物改造再穿, 不過要去挽救這個時尚頹勢, 除了自己親手DIY之外, 拿一件舊衣物去改裝, 費用不菲哦!



Blackstrawberry 的風格響應 循環再造這一股大勢力, 新款式大玩T-恤, 牛仔褲併合設計。

今天反而將舊衣物交給設計師再造會是十分花費的行動, 因為牽涉到創作,並不是隨便誰都可以化腐朽為神奇的。


Blackstrawberry 身體力行

Blackstrawberry 力撐還完時尚, 今天絕不可能像以前大家隨手可以拿起針線就能輕鬆做起手工來, 學習手工藝的最大付出是你寶貴的優閑時間。

新系列是你應該要出手的時候了, 為了擁抱時尚而作出更好的選擇。

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